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Old Town Alexandria Summer Fitness Pass
to Sep 2

Old Town Alexandria Summer Fitness Pass

3 Months, 5 studios, 30 workouts.

Each month this summer, you will receive 2 classes at each of the following Old Town Alexandria Fitness Studios:

- sculp'd
- Refresh Yoga
- Get Fit Studios
- Xtend Barre Old Town
- Studio Barre Alexandria

There are no restrictions on what day, time, or style of class you can take at each location. Limit of 2 classes at each location, each month. Sign up before June 1 and save!

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Rocket Yoga Premium Class at Refresh Yoga Center
4:00 PM16:00

Rocket Yoga Premium Class at Refresh Yoga Center

Rocket yoga is a vigorous set sequence based on the Ashtanga yoga system. Larry Shultz, creator of The Rocket, wanted to make the practice of Ashtanga more accessible to his clients. Rocket yoga is open to all levels with modifications and intricate transitions offered to those ready to take it up a notch. Arm balances, inversions and other challenging poses will be tackled using the power of the breath. Prepare to find an inner sense of calm and a new found sense of strength.

This is a premium class and regular classes packages cannot be used. It is free for Teal Members and $25 for drop ins. 

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Reiki and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
to Oct 6

Reiki and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

The Refresh Yoga Centers Reiki & Restore Teacher Training is a unique, 10 hour training that combines the teaching of Restorative Yoga with the healing of Reiki energy.
Day 1, the introduction to Reiki Level 1, will focus on opening the energy channels to allow the practitioner (YOU) to connect with universal life force energy (REIKI). There are no pre-requisites for Reiki Level 1 other than a desire to learn and heal.

We will cover:
The history of Reiki
The main Reiki lineages
An overview of hands on healing techniques and modalities
The subtle body (aura)
The chakras
Basic Reiki hand positions
Steps to perform Reiki on another person
Steps to perform Reiki on yourself
Reiki techniques for plants and animals

Day 2, Restorative Yoga training, will introduce basic yoga poses and how to set them up multiple ways using props, the therapeutic benefits of those poses, and basic modifications and assists. Participants will learn how to design and sequence a Restorative Yoga class and how to incorporate restorative poses into a flow class. The training will also include basic information on neuroscience research that supports the therapeutic applications of Restorative Yoga.

10 CE credits awarded
No Refunds, Refresh Yoga Center Membership discounts apply
$500 for the weekend. 
$250 for single day enrollment.

October 5-6, 12:30-5:30 pm

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